Background review time


sorry to bother but does anyone knows how long does it take to get a background approved?
I’ve been waiting for 3 days and still no response


It honestly depends on how many they have to approve among other things. I’ve waited as little as 3-4 days once and as long as two weeks.


it can take anywhere from 2-7 days


If you upload M-W I notice they approve it before, if not, by friday. I noticed if you upload Th-Sunday they’ll approve it M-W. & if you’re lucky, they approve it on the weekends if you upload it th-friday


Thank u guys!


2 weeks?! that’s crazy!! :sneezing_face::tired_face:


I hope they don’t take that long :frowning:


That only happened once, I don’t know why but usually it now doesn’t take longer than a week. :slight_smile:


Sometimes it gets approved within 24 hours but sometimes it can take 3-5 days unfortunately. I was several days late publishing my latest chapter because it was taking forever to get my overlays approved.


I want to publish my chapters but I am just waiting for them to approve my background :persevere: