BACKGROUND: Sikh Temples



I know. I am well aware of the risks that people misuse backgrounds/items. I would love to see this update as I’m a Sikh and it would be cool. I mean, Episode has Sikh dastars already but honestly, it’s hard for me to find backgrounds to use on this, even on Pixabay. It’s a step in the right direction. Having more religious stuff on Episode, in my opinion, would be good idea. There’s always going to be people who don’t know how to use something right but I’m not letting that crush other peoples’ chances of using it. I say, Episode take the risk!

I’m a patient person so it doesn’t matter to me when Episode releases them however I would love to see them, it’s amazing to see something from your religion on Episode :smile:


I love the idea Jem! I’m Hindu Punjabi and is love to have this background in my story!


ALWAYS YES for more cultural and religous diversity!


@teatime and @Gwen-Bruce Thanks guys :slight_smile: :heart:

P.S Maybe under the background they can write no shoes and your head needs to be covered in this location. It may help….all I can say is there’s always going to be people who don’t follow rules. I honestly think it’s a good idea and no matter what others decide to do, there will be people who will use the backgrounds wisely, which rocks :smile:




Thank you, that means a lot :hugs:


Oh, it’s nothing :blush:.
@JemU776, do you mind if I will add your post into mine? (Since I have liked your suggestion for diversity)


Nah, it’s not nothing, the support means a lot to me :wink:

Hopefully people don’t abuse this :sweat:

And sure if you want! :heart:


And done :smiley:! Thank you :blush: