Background speech (for my story)

Heyy I need a speech background kinda thing could somebody help me with that?

Almost like a stage?

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Kind of

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But then with a thing where the microphone Goes on

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I find some on episode :blush:

Then the microphone

Ps: I could help you find another mic or stage if you want :smile:

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Thank you But I need something you have when you give a speech lmao forgot the name of that thing


It is kind of a speech tabel But I know episode has it but where idk😂

Maybe if you told me like what kind of speech I could help more like school speech, event speech, or public speech?

I don’t know where to find one but I think it’s called a podium? I’m not 100% sure though

Like that?

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Yesss that kind of

@Jeremy could you close This topic

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Closed as per Op request. Happy to see you found your podium!