Background time


how long does it take for backgrounds to be uploaded. it says if my background is black it hasnt been approved but theyre not black. i waited a long time no disrespect to episode.


How long did you wait? I believe that there is a contest going on so it can take between 1 hour to 1 and a half weeks, since so many people are sending in backgrounds


It use to take around 3 days for me but I’ve noticed lately its been taking them a while to approve backgrounds and overlays.


I think it is because of the thriller contest


ahh id say around ten days.


I’d say wait two more days and if you don’t get it back by then, if you done with waiting you could always submit a ticket to episode


ok thanks!


I am waiting a decent amount of time too and I am desperate to release a new episode - I am anxiously awaiting background approvals (has taken a few days but usually waiting times can vary from a few days to even a week or so)-_-


well im writing up a new story so i have a lot of time to spare :slight_smile: thank you for the info tho


You’re welcome, happy writing!