Background turns black when previewing

When I was previewing my story to see if it was alright, I noticed that one background (EXT. ABANDONED HOME - NIGHT) was displaying as a black screen. I have used the background a few times in the chapter, and it is working fine until this particular point. I’ve looked at the coding and the transitions are wrote out correctly. I’ve read a few other forums/topics and they have all been resolved by using @zoom reset, but I did not have a zoom on the previous scene, and no matter how many times I type zoom reset or manually zoom reset on the ‘directing helper,’ it is still appearing black. I can send a screenshot if needed, but PLEASE HELP!

send a screenshot.

if it is black then u may need to use

@zoom reset

I’ll send a screenshot now, but I’ve already tried zoom reset.

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Your problem is you wrote:

@cut to zone 2

on line 1029 for the background.

That background has only one zone.

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Ah, that explains it! Thinking about it now, on the other background I didn’t write cut to zone. Thank you so so much! I’ll try it now.

Sure, no problem :+1:

It is working now, thank you so much, I appreciate it so much :heartpulse:
Do you mind if I delete the thread?

I don’t think you can delete a thread but you can ask either @Sydney_H or @Jeremy to close this thread.
And I’m glad everything was solved ^^

Ah, I can’t. That’s alright, I’ll get a moderator to close it. Thank you again :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :blush: :sunflower:

glad tht solved. good luck with yr story. :+1:t3:

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please can you close this thread @Jeremy @Sydney_H ?

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