Background usage help!

So I know some people have closed their episode drives due to the new episode rules (can someone explain them in a dummy kind of way for me aha) but I’ve already used their backgrounds. Can I continue using them as they’ve been in the story from the beginning?

In a nut shell. You can’t use edited episode backgrounds or backgrounds created with episode assets unless you created them for yourself. You may continue to use what you already have in your art catalog. Episode will reject any backgrounds that contain large water marks. Any hidden backgrounds must be removed, if episode happen to review your story they will ask you to remove them before they take your story off the app. I would recommend using backgrounds created by @ amepisode / @ m.jordan_episode both on Instagram as they do not contain episode assets. Hope that’s cleared things up :blush:

what exactly are episode assets and hidden backgrounds? Thanks btw :smiley:

Can read more here: Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits