Background wont let me upload

Hello, I’ve been trying to upload a exterior house background to my account in the art catalog, however when I upload it says "Image must be 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall. Yours was only 960x568. Though I did get from the forums and it worked for other people. Can someone tell me how to fix it please.

You could try resizing it again using either a resizing website or app. I’m on iOS and I use Image Size.

you might have to resize it. this is a website i use to resize my backgrounds.

upload image > set the width & height > cropping of excess edges > ok

Use online png or jpeg resizing websites. It helps. I had the same problem today but after resizing it worked :v:

Hi love, I can resize the image for you if you’d like :relaxed:

Hello babes, Yes please, I’ve tried but I don’t know how to do it. How would I send it to you?

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Could you message me on here and send it to me? :relaxed: or you can post it here

Hey girly i’m sorry it’s late here actually and I have work tomorrow, i can re seize the picture tomorrow if you can’t wait here is the site i use :relaxed:

It’s all good, tomorrow is fine. There’s the picture

Hey, I resized to a 3-zone background.


Thank you babes! xx

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You’re welcome :smiley: