Background zones/panning question

Hi! I’m writing a story in Spotlight and I have a question regarding the backgrounds. I know how to pan across/cut to zones and all, but is there a way I can just pan to a different part of the background that isn’t an established zone?

The Spotlight format is great and I like how the characters appear/disappear by sliding on and off screen during a conversation. However, even with the movement from the characters and the speech bubbles, the lack of movement in the background makes it harder to focus on the scene. I feel like readers would get bored reading a longer scene where the background stayed still the entire time (I myself get bored while previewing it in the app).

The backgrounds are too big to quickly pan from zone 1 to zone 2 for example, and that would make it look weird anyway if I was panning that far between every line. So I guess my question is: Since characters can walk to coordinates on the screen instead of just screen left/screen center/screen right, would it be possible to pan to different coordinates of a background instead of just zone 1/zone 2/zone 3?

You can use zooms perhaps? :thinking:

You can pan or cut to whatever spot if you use zoom with them.

For example:

@pan to zone 2 in 1.5 AND zoom on 220 340 to 260% in 1.5 (that’s smooth panning)

Or with cut:
@cut to zone 2 AND zoom on 220 340 to 260% in 1.5

You can of course also use timing “in 0”, whatever suits you better.


Cool thank you so much, I’ll try that!!

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