My name is Kendall
Kendall Jamiya is my Forum name
My story’s name : I haven’t really decided yet. I’m thinking about Ancient power
Genre of story: it’ll be romance drama and action
Story description: I haven’t got to that part yet but it’s about a dark spirit that’s been in a girl for hundreds of years.
It turns out to be ancient and she is consumed by darkness.
Background: I would like a ext background of a magic/ancient witch store. The name of the store would be ancient rituals… I would like the store to consist of any color really but make it look dark or witchy instead of happy.
I also need another background of inside the store. It could just be a long table against a white brick wall with potions and magic books on the table with pictures of realistic looking vampires and witch’s on the wall . I would like a wooden floor. Then I. Another zone it could be the cash register.
I would like 1 zone for the EXT background and two zones for the inside of the store. I’m basically going to have a witch believer own the store and the main character comes into the store to learn what the mortals last heard of her.
Whenever you do start on it I need it a week at the latest.