Backgrounds and art needed


I’m looking for someone who can create some backgrounds or already have some made that are popular! Also who can tell me how to upload them for my story!

Right now I am looking for a bed scene to where it looks like they’re lying on top of the bed!

I am also looking for someone who may be able to help me with some character/scene art!

Thank you so much!

Heather and Ashley: Authors of Swipe Right or Die Trying


So are there any specific backgrounds you’re in need of? If you give me specifics then it’ll be way easier for me to pull up what you’re looking for?


I need the bed background for sure, then just some different restaurant scenes, then some creepy stuff… Sorry I’m not too good with specifics this is our first story so we’re still figuring everything out!


Okay I know someone who has a bed background. Lemme pull it up. :grin:


Thank you so much! :smile:


Here are some beds. Hope they fit to your taste.

Here’s one that I love and I use a lot!

And here’s a link to a google drive account which has loads of beds! They belong to @alexa_episode (On Instagram) so if you do use them make sure to give her credit!


Thank you so much!


No problem hun. If you want anything else then hit me up, and I’ll help you to find them. :grin:


Find the overlays you were looking for? :slight_smile:


can you do a big red dragon flame for me please


do you need a cover


Here’s the flame. I don’t know if you meant with dragon or without dragon.


I can do edits…if that’s what u want. But you hav to wait…this week my schedule is busy. I can give u net week.


Hey! Can I have a bit more details please? So do you want a red dragon blowing fire? Or a flame that’s red?


do you want a cover


We need a small cover. We have one but would like a better one that is similar to what we have now!


Send me it


messaged you!