Hello again!

I’m in need of some backgrounds and art scenes and I need a wonderful and talented artist (that’s you) to help me out!

Backgrounds needed

•A nighttime balcony of an exquisite mansion
•An interior of a car
•A gun shop (daytime)
•A warehouse (nighttime)
•Inside a helicopter

(I know these are a few weird requests but trust me :hugs:)

For the art scenes, just indicate your interest and I’ll get you the details!

Thank you, you beautiful human! :two_hearts:

Much love,
Forever Reader.


I do commissions if your interested. :slight_smile: Prices will be around $5

Hiya I do realistic commisions (paid but cheap :blush:) if your interested I can send over examples :heart:

I am but I don’t have any money…

Thank you though! I really appreciate your responses!

Oh ok.

I’ll do it for free

visit the link

I have many…if u can pay me then count me on though it is lower rate it’ll be worked

Hey, ur art is amazing how much do u charge I want to commission 5 arts???!!!:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::scream:

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10$ if it is ok for u…