Backgrounds and Overlay thread

I am Making an official Background and Overlay thread as i cannot find one anywhere, so post your BG’s and overlays to help others x

Actually, I made an overlay thread

That’s such a good idea @LiaMina I honestly need some help finding a open casket overlay

Does that work?

Moved to Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2:

thanks, but not exactly what I am looking for unfortunately

What about this one?


I like that one, do you have any big tables for like 10 people

I have one but you could only fit around 6 people in it. Here it is:

And you could use it with this overlay:

If you do use it, please give credit to the owner : @smg.episode

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It didn’t fit

and the overlay didn’t wok either

the bg worked but not the overlay, maybe its bigger than 1MB


Sorry, I didn’t see this. So what worked any what didn’t?

The Background worked and the Overlay didn’t thinks it’s over 1MB @EpisodeAfra

Oh okay then try this one:

Thanks I will try now @EpisodeAfra

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Didn’t work bc the file isn’t in PNG


Hey!! @Sammy_Episode
Do you still want to convert that table to PNG because I can do that if you want??