Backgrounds and overlays for my story?

Would any want to let me use some of there backgrounds and overlays? I would let everyone know it is yours in my story!!

What backgrounds do you need?

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I am wanting a new bed room for Abby and then I need a kids room for a little boy and a kitchen

I am also needing some better car overlays and maybe a background of inside a car.

Epy.sister.hood can

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I would love to help you! What I usually do for backgrounds is take all of my elements from different episode backgrounds. What do you mean by “better”? I know episode has a baby room, bathrooms, bedrooms and car interiors. If you can tell me exactly what you want changed, I would be happy to do it for you! :grin:


Thank you I want something different for a bedroom for her and I don’t really care for the kitchens that much. I need a room for a little boy I’m going to use the baby room for him at fist but need a room for him as he gets to be a toddler because it well tack place in my story around him being a toddler more so then a baby. Also I just don’t like the cars you can pick from lol and I want a like back ground that you can see in the car were they all sit together and you can see the back set for seen’s that I well use all three of them in the car.

Okay, I’m working on the bedroom and the car right now. What exactly do you not like about the kitchens?

So these are two bedrooms I edited. The first one, I just put a bed into the original background and the second I took a room that looked like a child’s room and turned it blue to look more “boyish” (not trying to reinforce gendered colors here, but I figured you would prefer it). Let me know what you think. I will pm the rest of them to you when I am done!

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I love them. They look great! :grinning: