Backgrounds and Overlays Needed



I’m wondering if anybody can help me out with some Overlays and Backgrounds?

I need these:

  1. Hallway Open Door (the red hallway that is on the writers portal)
  2. Arm Overlay for Hugging/Holding in Olive (Male)
  3. Tear Overlay
  4. Crying with Mascara Overlay
  5. Some new house/interior backgrounds?

Thank you :heart:


I can find some backgrounds for number 5 if you like :v:


Yes please!


What room would you want? Like the living room or bedroom or something like that


Yeah anything really…

I’ve used most of the generic ones in my first story lol!


How many?


I could do with maybe 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living room and the house exterior?




Thank you!


By the way, do you want them like cozy, cute, modern or anything?


It’s a mafia story so something that looks expensive lol!


Ooooooh sound interesting!


Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2




Tell me if you need anything changed.

Oh and what size do you need them in? I forgot about that :woman_facepalming:


Amazing! Thank you!

They need to be 640x1136


I’ll change the sizes.
You can just download them when I send the next background.


But you’ll need to download it without tapping it(which shows the full image). Just hold it and press download if you’re on your phone.

If you want, I can resize it with the whole pic without anything being cropped but it will take longer.


That’s fine hun, I can re-size them :heart: