Backgrounds and overlays! :)

Hi! :yum:

Out of boredom, I just wanted to create this thread to share some backgrounds and overlays that I found/created. Requests are open for now as well!

Here is one background and overlay so far that I made/edited specifically for my story:

Futuristic Game Arcade
3 zones


They look great!

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thank you!:heartpulse:

Did you make those?

Do you know who did? Are they credit-free?

Unless you made the background personally, I donโ€™t think you should ask for credit for them.

Oh, sorry, I deleted a post of other four backgrounds. I did make the arcade background, however.

Ahhh right, sorry, my mistake :relieved:

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Mind if I request a sci-fi lab? :wink: If itโ€™s still open and not too much trouble!

Yeah! I was actually going to make one soon, but Iโ€™ll get started on it! Do you have anything specific in mind?

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I love all of them! Youโ€™re very talented <3

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thank you!!:heart:

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No specifics, Thank you though!