Backgrounds Copywriting

Hi, with backgrounds are we allowed to use images from Google as long as it has no watermarks or is this still copywriting? Thanks.

Correct. Also be wary of commercial labels and logos.

I always change my usage rights settings to only show images labelled for reuse when I am searching for backgrounds

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how do you do that?



Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.

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I want to point out that all images, work etc on the web originally has a creator and are tecnically copyrighted wheter they are watermarked or not. Either by the creator or by a company/second person that the creator made the work for. And if you use them without permission you are in the risk of being sued if you’re figured out.
On top of that, think about all the time and effort the creator has put into their work. How would you feel if it was you and someone else took credit for your work…
So if you want to use someone elses work - in this case backgrounds - be sure to have permission - some creators give this for a simple credit, but if so it’s often stated - and to always give credit where credit is due,