Backgrounds cover - INK


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I can make one for you if you want :slight_smile:


I would love to help! if you still need one


Hey Mimi, I would love if you could help me but I only can give you the informations on monday thanks for the interest! :blush::smile:

A domingo, 5/08/2018, 07:42, :ring:Mimi​:ring: escreveu:


Hey Skye thanks for the interest but I already have people helping me! Thank you again! :blush::kissing_smiling_eyes:

A domingo, 5/08/2018, 08:14, Skye escreveu:


Hi @Raq.Fg :smiley:
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hello. Sorry for my English but i’m french and i do not speak english. i do not understand it either. but i try… here I need help to put the image for the cover of the story. I do not understand how we do. thank you in advance for your help.


Hahaha don’t worry about the English I’m Portuguese :joy: well to put your cover when you are on the principal page of your story you have the image of the story, you click there and then there are some buttons there and I think you will understand what to do, if no, tell me and I’ll help you :kissing_heart:


Hi . LOL it’s okay then. I still have not figured out how to put a cover image for my story :slight_smile: . I still do not understand how we do … you have to create it yourself? and I would have another question … what condition to publish his story? I made 4 episodes in total all approved in the sense that there are no errors in the script and yet I still can not publish it? thank you for your answer :slight_smile: