Backgrounds - Custom Using in story


I created a custom background for a College football stadium that has been approved but it still gives me an error message in my story. Does anyone know what I need to do to make this work?


What does the error say?


The background EXT. FOOTBALL STADIUM - NIGHT does not exist. Did you misspell it or delete it? Try reloading to update your catalog.

I am a super new writer, thank you for the help!


Usually when it says that you have an error either before or after the background. Can you post a picture of that part of your script?


This is the only error message on the page… but here is a little pic of it.


Try reloading your page, as it might not have registered as a real background yet, maybe?


I have refreshed a ton. So frustrating.

Do you think I have to wait longer on the approval? Have you run into this before?


A scene change can’t be the last thing in the script, try adding a transition or something else and see if the error is still there.



I feel silly I didn’t think of that. But thank you so much! I am so excited I can keep going now.



No problem! Even months later I’m still learning new things :slight_smile:


Have you tried refreshing the website a couple times?