Backgrounds/Edits needed?


So. I am bored. And I love to make a background for someone. Here is some of my work:


I think you’re mad talented !

May I ask for one ? :thinking:


Thank you!

And yes, of course.


I need an aula Background.
When people can sit.
I don’t know if I’m clear sorry :joy:


Like a graduation Aula?


Like college aula, yeah.


Should the focus be on the seats? So you can see the seats from the front so you can place characters?


Yasss please !


I’ll work on it. You’ll be able to place characters in the first row. But I can add characters in the back so it doesn’t look empty.


Might I ask for one?

I would like a blizzard in a city background and/or a blizzard with a guy and it says “Previously on the Blizzard” like an episode cover or something like that, you know?

You don’t have to do both tho! Sorry if I am horrible at explaining it! LOL! Let me go get the “guy” so u know who he is and looks like.


Oooh. You read my mind ! I think I’m gonna only ask you now.

You really understand what the writer want.


Haha, thank you! I start working on it right now.


A city in a Snow storm? I’ll do what you preffer. Wether the guy or just the blizzard with the city background.


Yes, please. Sorry for the horrible explaining


If you want me to add a few of your story characters in the background you can send me pictures of them So I can use them.


No no. I get what you want. I’ll work first on Marys background but I think I be able to do both today. I just need the guy you want to say the line.


Why not you ? 🤷🏾
It’s Limelight.


I meant if there is someone important. But otherwhise I would create them like I want. So Limelight it shall be.


I was hoping u would do hers first because i am redoing the “guy” And it could take a while to get him on my computer and stuff. Oh and take your time I am just planning this for a few episodes into my story, like thinking ahead. THX!


Nope. I will make the 2 characters who must be here myself and you can put whoever you want. :grinning: