Backgrounds for contests!

Does anyone who where I could find some good backgrounds like castles, for the contest my mc and Li are royals but I can’t find good backgrounds, castles, villages etc, etc, thanks!

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Same dear, just try on google I found some good backgrounds I want

I don’t think if u do a general search on Google you can upload those are those are almost always copyrighted and u could get into trouble :sweat_smile:. I also believe episode asks when uploading to check that box that you aren’t copyrighting

Some free sites for picture you and anyone else can use are

They aporoved if it’s copyright they will rejected sis

These are what some user found

You can check out others on this forum. It’s best to try to find ones that aren’t copyright.

Not exactly- I’ve had friends upload copyrighted stuff and it has still gotten approved .

Episode dosent do that research to make sure it’s copyrighted or not . They just mainly look to see if it’s against their guidelines (bloody,sexual,etc )


Oh I see, but can we do the murder scene on episode?
I want to make it one but I’m scared they will rejected

Yes u can just still be careful on how u do it if u have more questions pm so we don’t flood this thread with being off topic

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Okay sis

I have copyright free bgs.
Here are some.
Kindly Let me know before you guys use them.
And if you want to credit me, just give a shoutout to my story, “A Queen For The Crown” by tintin


This one nice dear

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