Backgrounds for limelight

Has anyone got any suggestions for backgrounds that Episode should incorporate?

Personally I’d love to see beaches, pools, water parks etc. Basically just backgrounds the character can swim in and surf in. Also, more backgrounds for film and tv, plus more bedroom ideas and cityscapes, we also need a LOT more country scapes and looped backgrounds for travel

I also think they should have more backgrounds based on other countries, such as France, Italy, Australia, England and stuff like that. Anyone else have an idea?


More fantasy type backgrounds or sci fi


Oh Em Gee YES! We definitely need more of those. And more post-apocalyptic backgrounds too


YES! I would really like more historical backgrounds such as old-fashioned houses and rooms with furniture from the 1600s to early 1900s!


YEAH! I agree! We need historical backgrounds AND futuristic backgrounds!

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more interior options. (livingroom,bathroom,kitchen,)


Oh my god yes! We so need more kitchens and way better interiors!

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i would like to see more with like a modern theme

Yeah, definitely, so many of the designs look like something a grandma would use

hahahahaha my thoughts exactly

More looping backgrounds. City streets day & Night, countryside, Sci-Fi, walls, landscapes… Also at different speeds. There’s not many that are walking pace. Would be good to have the option to choose a speed for the looping. Walking or driving pace. Looping BG’s are hard to make since they are overlays and we’re limited on the size of overlays we can upload so can’t make such detailed and intricate ones. Plus authors don’t make their own much since they’re a bit more difficult to code, so we’re left seeing the same couple of looping overlays that Episode have made over and over and over in stories.


Different loop backgrounds, more house exteriors… really, it just needs more background options, period.
A big one for me is backyards. I need one for part of my story. but since episode next to never updates its backgrounds, I’m going to end up making one.

Neither is this post in the correct category, neither is my comment about the topic.

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