Backgrounds For You!

Hello everyone! This topic is for those who need the “real” backgrounds. These are not drawings, but I can most likely find some of those for you if you really need them! Remember, these are not mine that I made (I just find them) so if you want to give credit you can but otherwise it’s fine if you don’t! Also, if you know the title of your story, tell me so I can read it!

  • You must use these!
  • If you have the title of your story, tell me it!
  • Do not say you got these from someone else
  • Be kind! No Drama!!

Hopefully you find this topic helpful! No hate please! If you do know who the original creator is, please tell me so the person using my pictures can give credit! Ilyasm!

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Are these for use? I see there is a watermark on them and I would like to use the kitchen background. :thinking:

I’ll PM you the background! And of course, any of these are for use :grinning:

Just sent you it! Hopefully you like it <3

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Hi Everyone!

I’m going to be helping you find real backgrounds! Not Episode drawings (I will sometimes make the exception, however). Just request a background and I will find one or more for you! Remember, these are all watermarked (except for the examples I’m about to post because I’m too lazy to do them right now) and if you want the background I will PM you it!

  • Give credit in your story!
  • Give title of story (if you know what it is)
  • Be nice!
  • No Drama!!!
  • Don’t get mad if it takes a little bit!


What Type Of Background Do You Want?
Day Or Night?
Real Or Drawing?
Any Certain Details (won’t always be there, but I’ll try to find the perfect match!)
What’s The Password?

Pass: Cammy

Remember, these are not my backgrounds so I cannot get everything perfect but I’ll try my best to find them! I cannot find credit for every original creator so find them on your own if you need to!

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I sadly don’t need any backgrounds but those look great!

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omg i need a backround like this one!

What Type Of Background Do You Want? this one lol
Day Or Night? in both
Real Or Drawing? real
Any Certain Details: i’ts already in the picture
What’s The Password? Cammy

you can take it just give credit!

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I would love a background like this door here

Not sure what it is called but it is an apartment door (blue) I have seen loads of stories.

BG type? Apartment doors
Day or night? Day please
Certain details: If it could be similar to the SS please! One open and one closed please!
Password: cammy

Also, if possible if you could provide a living room which is white, minimalist and has a sort of bachelor pad look going on.

Day and night
BG: Interior
Details: If there is a couch in the room, that would be brilliant!
password: cammy

Thanks in advance!

just in advance, i have a user who would know how to do this background! she’s very very good, because if you want an episode background go to her, but if you want a real background then you can do me.

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Thanks so much :smiley:

ok, here’s the user @abygail.bauman she’s amazing at episode backgrounds!

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Fantastic, thank you!

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no problem :heartpulse:

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