Backgrounds Free for Commercial Use


Hi Guys
I make backgrounds. I use to run a big intagram page but it got a bit overwhelming, I now offer my backgrounds and overlays on a drive, and there are updates on instagram @thorneartstudio.
To access these backgrounds they are on this drive:

I do not take any requests or do any private work. I hope these backgrounds are useful for you guys, and happy creating!

I made them all, so no copyright issues! I have the rights to redistribute anything I render :slight_smile:

Fantasy Themed Backgrounds
Good Backgrounds! (Instagram Accounts)
Desperate for help

Thank you so much! These are so useful and they’re really good too!! :hugs::blush::slight_smile:


Of course, its a pleasure to help the community in this way. I do have some backgrounds featured on, credited under my old instagram, you may use either :slight_smile:


Omg thanks!!! I have been wanting a wider choice of backgrounds and here you are! Thank you so much! Now I don’t have to make them myself!! These are beautiful!!


:slight_smile: if you follow the Instagram I occasionally post freebees and all the paid renders. (50cents to 1 dollar each) @thorneartstudio
I don’t have as much time for it lately, but the odd thing comes up now and again :slight_smile:


Alright, thanks again. Keep doing what you do, girl.


Thanks alot :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes:


I tried to find you Instagram account and noticed you were gone and I was so sad! I’m so so happy I found your thread! :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing. It helps very much!


Hi. No problem. Sorry for shutting it down without notice. Things got a tad chaotic…


Hey, I remember trying to upload some of your backgrounds onto my story but the size was too big.


All my backgrounds are sized for episode so I am unsure about the issues you are having.


i’ll try again soon! i think I got it from your actual website and it was like cell backgrounds and hail backgrounds


Anything on should be sized for episode. If this is a particular file you are having issues with please send me the file name and I will troubleshoot.


it’s fine! I got it! thank you


Thank you so much for your artwork, when crediting your work should i write @myarmyofmonkeys or @thorneartstudio


Hi @Jejo1324 I would prefer you credited thorneartstudio to direct people to the correct instagram, as I perfer to keep my personal instagram account separate, I might actually have the episode forums change my user name to thorneartstudio to keep it all as one :slight_smile: I’ve just used this tag name for so long that change is hard lol.


Oh thank you so much, and I understand how difficult it can be to change a name, I had an old account for something, and I don’t want to change the name because of all the memories I have had and how far that account has come. I know I am a really weird person. Have a nice day!


Aha, I was able to get it changed, that will take the confusion out for future crediting :slight_smile: Happy writing!


Hi. Can you please edit a background for me?


I don’t edit backgrounds, try another thread for that, sorry!
I have 6000 backgrounds and overlays you are welcome to use :slight_smile: