Backgrounds... how to make them


Does anyone know how to make custom backgrounds? I want to learn!!! And I would absolutely love for someone to tell me…


You can use a paint tool to help. You can copy a image from google or any website of your choosing. You can make it your own by erasing what you don’t need and adding your own style to it.
Here’s an example of what I did:


That’s awesome… thanks for the advice… I just didn’t know if there was a specific way to do epsiode style backgrounds… I want to help and make some… lol it might sound stupid… but I like learning new things


Great online editors are:

Free online photos:

Hope this helps with creating covers/backgrounds/overlays xxx


I’m on mobile… :thinking::confused:


You can’t make backgrounds for mobile creations, sorry… Maybe you could make a new topic on it and ask episode for that function on mobile… xxx


I can


You can use autodesk sketchbook or ibis paint x
Befunky works on mobile as well


I mean to make backgrounds for epsiode stories… I have writers portal. I’m saying I use my phone…


Thanks… again :grin:


Your welcome!


When on mobile most people use like ibis paint x or drawing fest stuff like that and it’s hard so I don’t bug with those, when on mobile I have these apps, (yes they are in ABC order)

I use befunky and Pixlr for adding text and effects to photos. I use recolor to change color on a photo from the web. I use google photos so that my mobile photos are on my computer and you can change scenes to night time. I use Watermarks so I can add my watermark to sample photos. And I use blue to blur some words out so they will be approved by episode like if it has words and it franchises a shop or if I want to add text I use blue, which also has special effects! Like there was a nasty concrete flooring on a background I was doing for someone and it made the illusion of it being nice!
Before Blur:
After Blur, Google Photos, And Watermarks: