Backgrounds I made!


What do you all thank of these?


I have to go back and add the car photo in the second one because I for got it! :frowning:


Also I will not remove my name of IG on these but I can do others for you if you want these are for my story I am working on! :slight_smile: But would be happy to make you something if want!


They are really good


Thank you.


what program do you use to make these? i love this!


I made these on PicsArt. And thank you!


Can you do other background or you need something to edit?


I can do others!


I can do more! I just made these for me!


I’ll be needing a background of a Bar and an overlay of the the actual bar for me to be able to put the bar tender behind it. Can I pm you the sample, it was made by another artist so I can’t put it here, but I’ll be needing another Bar.


Yes please! I can try!


I am about to head to bed through its 3:33am so it will be later today before I get to work on it is that ok?


Yeah sure np. :wink: Thank you for your help. I need a number of backgrounds and I can see a lot of artist here in Episode, so I kinda like to spread the work.


I’m the same way. Even though I can do a lot my own. I love seeing others work and using there work in my story! So many really good artist. But just pm everything and ill see it as soon as I get up! :slight_smile: