Backgrounds in choices


How do you let the reader choose where go?
How do I change the script?


You can use goto


Where shall we go?

choice (location_change)
< GEMS >“Go to a fancy restaurant with JJ and talk about the wedding”{

Let’s go to a restaurant to talk!

goto fancy_gemlocation

}“Let’s go to the next place for the wedding”{

goto the_weddingceremony

label the_weddingceremony

[the scene for the wedding ceremony should go here]

goto continue_story

label fancy_gemlocation

[the scene for the fancy restaurant should go here]

goto continue_story

label continue_story

Insert dialogue.


what does the scene for the fancy restaurant should go here mean?


Hi, it is pretty straightfoward on what it means lol
It means if a reader chooses your first option (the gem) one it will lead them to that scene- you can write dialogue up for what happen during it.

label fancy_gemlocation

[the scene for the fancy restaurant should go here]

Example for it:

label fancy_gemlocation

LOTTIE (talk_happy_smile)
JJ, we are at the fancy diner and can now talk about wedding plans.

JJ (talk_neutral)
Lottie, you are right.

Then you would write the rest of whatever happens and then write goto continue_story so the reader is back on the main storyline.
Do you understand?


Why does it say that talk_excited_happy does not exist



It could either be that you are using limelight


It’s says on the art catalog that it’s limelight females


you can’t add animation to the narrator, if you created a character named narrator, delete it.

You can use narrator box in two ways:
Text <-------- it will be just empty box without the name

Text <---------- text with the name of character on the top


Thank you


Why is it saying error

In the right top corner


These options (naming and character avatar) are not working in the Web Preview, test it on the app


I can’t because i made a new episode but got rid of everything thatss on it so it keeps going to that episode


and not doing my first


you can choose episode by clicking on Navigation and then Episodes or Reset Story Progress


thx for helping