BACKGROUNDS: lifestyle

Although there might be future updates in backgrounds, I would like to generally state that there should be more fancy lifestyle backgrounds, specifically in the home category. Such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens ect.


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Yeah, definitely. It’s hard to express some character’s house style, or bedroom style. And sometimes downloading images doesn’t always work out right.

Hi there, this is my first time , so sorry if it’s in the wrong section, I was wounding if anyone know how to get the background of the bed up close, so you see the characters in the bed together… also I trying looking at backgrounds and save them to use as my own it said it’s not enough that it need to be 640 to 1140 tall, but that what they are… if you could help I would appreciate it
Thank you

@Shmoon, I don’t know the answer to your first question but you can ask it at @Dara.Amarie’s help thread.
For your second question; I had the same problem, you need to go to an image resize site (I use simple image resizer) and use the resized picture.

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