Backgrounds likes or dislikes


To those of you who publish or read stories on Episode who here
likes stories with real backgrounds?


I don’t really mind to be honest. I use a mixture of both in my stories, mostly real backgrounds though.


Great thank you for sharing your opinion. I like to see a mixture of both as well am glad to know am not the only one who appreciates this.


I don’t mind either way as I have a mix of both animated and real background in my story…


Thank you I was not too sure about using animated backgrounds but their amazing so why not.


I kinda like it because the episode backgrounds are so limited, but at the same time back grounds that I upload can have weird angles / copy right issues.

EDIT : When reading, I don’t have a preference.


I can agree on that uploading our own backgrounds online can have disadvantages. Glad to know you do not have a preference makes me feel comfortable publishing a story with a mixture of real/art backgrounds. Thank you.


I like it for limelight, but not for ink.

Ink seems more cartoonish to me so I think it looks better when the backgrounds have an animated look. Whereas limelight characters are more believable that their kitchen/bedroom/bathroom looks real


I agree thank you for sharing your opinion you help me better understand what backgrounds I should use.


I don’t mind them, as long as they’re consistent. I don’t entirely enjoy a mix of illustrated and irl backgrounds. It’s just my opinion, though.


Consistent got it :slight_smile:


honestly, I don’t mind z​:joy::woman_shrugging:t5:


Same as long as its a good story that’s all I care :sunglasses: Thank you for your opinion :butterfly:


I honestly prefer it if they do.Episode backgrounds can get so repetitive after seeing it so many times,like the school lockers background.It makes me feel like all the stories I read that use that background, go to the same school.It’s not necessary for a good story but I do enjoy seeing stories that have custom ones in.


I can relate to that it kinda gets annoying but its understandable as to why authors use the same backgrounds.
Thank you for sharing :grinning:


I like any kind of background! :wink:


I think that realistic backgrounds add a bit of spice to stories and make them stand out a little more. Episode’s cartoonish backgrounds can get repetitive and using something different is kind of like a breath of fresh air, you know?


Of course I can relate because that gives stories their own identity with different backgrounds others have not use on the app.


Thank you for sharing :butterfly:


Np! :grin::+1: