BACKGROUNDS: More apocalyptic style backgrounds

From the title you can guess what I mean :sweat_smile:

I feel like we need more apocalyptic backgrounds for everyone to enjoy, with out the hassle of having to wait for it to go through the whole processing stage.

What I mean

image image

If you agree, support meh! If not (or if it already exists) pls tell me


SUPPORT!!! 100% support!

100% support


Bump. Support

They now have some on episode life.


big support!

Completely agree! I know this is an older post, but here are a couple of images I slaved over for several days for a story I am working on. Feel free to use them if you would like.

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These are really good, where did you get them from? I kinda want to use them now lol

Sorry, haven’t been able to get on in a while. I modified some city scapes I found on google with photoshop for the top three and then modified the Episode police station. I never finished the story I was going to use them for. I had to watch a few YouTube tutorials to figure out how to get the look I was going for. It was kind of a pain, but they didn’t turn out too badly.

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Well thanks for the response, I experimented with photoshop once, using one of episode’s default backgrounds since they only ad a day version, and it was coming along great but the problem is I have that picture on a school computer, I am currently using a laptop at home for winterbreak and I wasn’t able to replicate it. I’m sure that we’ll have to work hard for a while, but in the future, we’ll have more stuff to work with!

Can anyone give me an overlay that is like inside of a train. I searched over the internet a million times and I couldn’t find one even similar or one that I wanted.

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