Backgrounds needed (A drive with lots of backgrounds would be amazing)

I am in need of backgrounds specifically living room ones. I usually search google for overlays and such but I can’t seem to find a good episode-esque background on there. They’re all very realistic, and I don’t want that for my story. Episode life is usually a great source, but sadly the website is having a glitch where the pictures aren’t showing up. Until that is fixed, I can’t search for backgrounds on there. It would be amazing if someone has drive with a lot of backgrounds categorized by rooms. I usually like to look through them to get ideas for my story. Thank you! :smile:


I don’t have a drive (but I should probably consider that lol), but I have a bunch of folders on my computer with stuff in them. So you can just pm me what kind of stuff you are looking for, and I can send you what I’ve got!

There are a lot of great editors on Instagram. You can look through their pages and use their resources as long as you properly give credit.

And I understand you want to help, but please do not redistribute other people’s work if that’s what you have saved on your computer. This is one reason why I closed my Google drive.


Thanks for the advice! I do use other people’s backgrounds in my stories (and give them credit of course), but I’m usually very careful not to redistribute them. Most of my backgrounds that I share are edited episode backgrounds or images I found available to use for free on the internet. I totally understand your concern and appreciate your advice! :blush: Also this is kinda random but I love your blog! I’ve learned a lot from it and I just wanted to thank you for making it!

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What? Really?! I miss working on that blog, but can’t think of any new tutorials! But I’m glad it was super helpful to you! :slight_smile:

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