Backgrounds needed ASAP!

Hey everyone, I hope your all well😊

So… I’m writing my first episode story and it’s scheduled to come out this week, however, I noticed something that urgently needs fixed.

If any of you could help me out in any way it would mean a lot to me. I’d absolutely give credit to whoever made/gave the ones I use (which will probably be most) and I’ll give shoutouts on my Instagram to everyone.

I’m not that picky but I’d prefer an episode kinda style, but after a while of searching, that was found near impossible so I don’t mind whether they are drawn, real etc.
Drives of backgrounds and overlays work too

I don’t just need fantasy, I also need average day-to-day ones (offices, bedrooms etc.)

The only thing I ask is that they must be copyright free (obviously)

Thank you😁

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You check both of these out!

Both are very good!