Backgrounds Needed for Story

Hi guys! So I was kind of struggling with the aesthetics of my story because the backgrounds don’t quite match the scene I wanted. So I wanted to ask for some backgrounds. I will give full credit in the story, don’t worry!

So here are some backgrounds I need:

  1. Nightclub exterior w/ queue line for people to line up in
  2. Nightclub interior w/ stage
  3. Private suite interior in the nightclub

These are just some I need for the first chapter. Any help will be appreciated! :blush:


@CinnamonToast is really amazing at backgrounds!


I could help too! :joy:
In fact, I already have a nightclub in my drive… I think!

Thank you! :heart:
Although if @QueenMilii already has those background the I won’t need to help.

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Here’s the suite babe, I already sent you the club :kissing_heart:

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Thank you so so much for the backgrounds! :smiley:

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