Backgrounds Needed Plz!

Okay so I need some a few backgrounds and I can’t find them in the art catalog or in any other episode forums. These are a few I need:


-exterior of a bedroom door

-Hallway (house)

-living room with a fireplace (night)


  • This story uses volume!

  • Previously on… (don’t add a title plz)

  • Coming soon on… (again no title plz)

If you can try to make some of those I would really appreciate it!

I can do the splashes for you. Do you want any specific images or fonts?

I like a little cursive or bolded letters. Anything really.

Here you go! These are pretty simple, but I can make changes if you’d like.

Those are pretty much perfect! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome! :grin:

I want to give you credit at the end of a chapter in my story should I just use your username or would you like me to use something else?

My username is fine. Thank you :hearts:

Hey, I’m back again. I was bored so I made a night version of Episode’s classic living room.

Thanks :smiley: