Backgrounds or overlays needed please

im using this background but would like it to say names on the doors, which would be the names of the patients that were in those rooms. Would it just be easier to use different overlays of the names or to have several backgrounds made? The names I need are: WILKINS, JEFFERYS, WAGNER, AMES, PATTERSON, WILLIAMS

you can use different names background.

Do you mean individual ones like this…?

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Did someone end up doing them for you in the end?

I usually make my own splash and edit the backgrounds myself. I make my own art scene and cover.
if you need any help, let me know.

Sorry I just got majorly confused there… I was posting on here to try to help the girl who started this post, the same as you haha… I didn’t need help with anything but thank you so much my lovely :slight_smile:

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I want to do it if nobody has do it already xxx

Just to be clear… I’m not the one asking for help on this the girl at the top is. I was offering to help her :slight_smile:
Thank you though for offering

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