Backgrounds & Overlays help

I can create mid to high quality rooms of any sort.

Any Examples?

Of the rooms I do?

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Well I can do bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, living rooms, etc.

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I could also do the close up of a bed (when they’re sleeping for example)

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And not just rooms, like animals and object overlays I can send you

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I’m a background editor also, I just wanted to see some work

Cool. I’m not a “pro” though. I actually started editing like that a while ago using Phonto, but I’m TERRIBLE at making png’s. But I guess I’m getting better

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That’s good

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Can you make me an overlay of a letter? :slight_smile:

It depends on how you want it to look like

It doesn´t have to look very complicated, just a normal letter :slight_smile: