Backgrounds please fancyyyy

hey can i have a fancy liver room background with a chandelier u know fancy af

Hey love!
I found this… I could resize it if you want but if you want a different one just ask!
fancy living room
If you need anything else feel free to go to my art shop (Scribbles Art Shop)
Thxs love!

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It’s perfect can you make it in the size of a background plz

Here you go love!
Make sure to check out my art shop (Scribbles Art Shop) :wink:

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how would you like to be shouted out

also can you change it to 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall,so they accept the background

did you want me to???

also it depends how many zones u want

i want it to be 2 zones

okii ill do that now

thank you soo much mia

all g

i will shout you out at the end for your help and i would shouthe the creator out too
what do you want me to shout you out as

@mia_writes.x (on instagram)
you don’t need to tho its not my background i only resized it :joy:

OK KL i know i lust give anyone who helps credit,but the creator one of show when the background pops up and at the end

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okii perfect x

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omg u started following me tysm xx

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np cant wait for ur story , its looking good

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thank youuu!!!
if you need anything just dm me
i can make splashes for you if you want
i do them free

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