Backgrounds Request & Edits & My Fantasy Backgrounds *CLOSED*

Hey guys, just a few things that I want to say.

  1. Background Requests (Any kind of backgrounds)

*On weekends I’ll be available for requests, I am currently finishing off @MysteryMaker request. Only week days I will not be available for background requests & edits, only on weekends. Things got a bit busy for me.

  1. My Fantasy Backgrounds & Overlays
  • I will continue makings fantasy backgrounds and putting up overlays on my drive on weekends as well. Don’t worry, I haven’t quit or stopped making backgrounds.

If you need to reach me, message me on forums and on instagram: @lanafrazer.episode.


hey i need a mansion background

Exterior or interior?

Hi, if you’re still taking requests then I’d like to make one!
Can you remove the hourglass in the middle? I wanted to add a genie lamp overlay there.
Thanks! :relaxed::wink:

Alright, ill try. Send the lamp to so I can add it to the background.

19042013_magicklamp_alfa magic-lamp-png-2

These are the genie lamp PNGs. I like the first one but you can use anyone of them. They should all be transparent. It’s alright if you can’t add it to the background. I can add an image on top of it as long as the hourglass isn’t there.

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Hey! I saw you do background requests and have been needing a certain one for a while now. I was wondering if I could request?


  • Two/Three panels (doesn’t really matter which one)
  • Lilac club front with the name “Silver Harpy”

Thanks! Also, if you need any additional info, lmk!

Im little lost on this request…panels as in solar panels, and the club, you mean like a outdoor club with the name outside or inside?

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Panels as in like the amount of panels a background has xD And the outside of a club with the name on the outside.

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Im still lost with the panels lol. Is this like an overlay? lol lmao!

Nevermind it xD

kk lol Ill work on the club lmao!!! lol

Thanks! It looks great. I’ll be sure to credit you for the edit. :relaxed::blush:

np and thanks.

Hey, Im still working on that club for you. I havent forgotten.


Hi, I was wondering if you could change this background for me? Could you have the door open and have it be nighttime?

Take your time :smiley:

may i have a background?

sure, what background are you looking for?