Backgroung and overlay approval

Is it only me or is in this days the approval of backgrounds and overlays much slower than usual?

They’re probably working on contests or something new. :))

Nah, it’s not just you. I think I’ve had a background and a overlay up for approval for like two weeks, if not more. :sleepy:

Havent you noticed maybe some oficial info about it? I do not want to bother them with ticket but my next chapter is just waiting fot background approval to be published. Which makes me nervose. :grin:

I really have no idea, sorry. And I completely feel you smh. Sure hope they do something about it soon

Oh hey, turns out my background and overlay have both been approved! They were definitely in review a couple days back so I don’t know when it exactly it happened. Either way, I didn’t receive a notification, so try checking manually just to be sure. :slight_smile:

Yep…the same here, just checked and now it is approved but no notification not in email nor in the portal…but who cares important is it is approved! :smiley:

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@Jeremy you can close this.

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