Backround Characters

I need with some backround characters I need to know how to make them or have them .
if anyone can help me with this, that would be amazing.

Sure! Most background characters that you’ll see in other stories are made by the author, as to have diversity in the story. It can get a little boring and bland with the same 16 pre-made characters that Episode already gives us in the writers portal, so you can add new characters just as you do for and MC’s in your story, and create them as you please to!

Let me know if you’re still confused (I can be quite confusing lol!)

Thxs fot the advice it helps a lot

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When you create Background character, I recommend making their name short, for example, BG1 or BACK1. Something like that. Don’t give them real names, it’s a pain in the ass to code that.
And if you want them to talk, but you don’t like that their name appears as BG1, then go to create characters and delete their “Display Name” (directly under the “Script Name”)

Hope that helps.

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for background characters you need to know how to spot direct and also how to work with layers …if you are nt familiar with this :

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