Backrounds Anyone?


I’m looking for someone to do an intro background that clearly states: By Clary Jackson. If you wouldn’t mind, it would be great if you could show me some of your ideas. Thanks! Xxx


I would love to! I have a few for myself that I’ve made:

I also have made some covers:


They’re wonderful! I kind of want one where it has a character and says: Made By Clary Jackson, could you do that for me? Xx


I definitely could. I just need a few things…

-Picture of character doing the preferred animation
-Details of the character (eye shape + color, body color, ect)
-Outfit of the character (top=valentine black sheer dress, accessory=black rising star earrings, ect)
-(Optional) preferred animation of character
-Theme of story (ex: action and romance)
-(Optional) preferred background for the message (picture)
-If no specific background, tell me what colors to include and to not include
-Do you want the title of the story in it? If so, what’s the name of the story?
-Tell me if you want to include any social media tags (ex: Instagram: abygail.bauman)


Top-Black with gold zipper Zipped Crop Top
Bottom-White Leather Leggings
Shoes-Black Military Chic Boots
Accessories-Diamond Heart Necklace

Backround= Glittery

Title= None

And can I have- Made By Clary Jackson in bold


On it :smile:


Thanks! Xxx


I hope you like it- I’m still very new to this platform… I make covers for Wattpad and other fanfiction wedbsites so this isn’t too new…just different. I’m learning. But I thank you for the opportunity <3


Its gorgeous! Thank you so much!! Xxx


Can you make me a cover?


I’d love to (: check out this forum for the form of my cover requests