Backwards Questions [Game]


Hey, everybody! I thought I would revive this thread, since it happened to be my most ~successful~ thread…

This is a simple game, in which the first person starts off by saying a word or phrase. The next person then answers that word or phrase with a question. It’s a Jeopardy-like concept. It’ll go sort of like this:

First Person: “Husky”
Second Person: “What is my favorite dog breed? Lime green”
Third Person: “What is a super bright color? Blanket”

And so on. It can be as weird or as practical as you like. (Bonus, if you read someone’s individual post, it creates a question with a weird/impractical answer!) I’ll start!



What do humans create from trees? Baby unicorns


What is the product of glitter + horses? SHREKKKKKKKKK


What is green and stinky? A coat


What was your husband wearing yesterday? My tears.


What can represent different 2 emotions? A birb.


What is something @ProBirdRights tweeted on twitter? June.


What month comes after May?



What is the day of the week? Today


When did you murder the victims? French.


What language am I learning in school?



What is the most cheesy snack around?
Beanie Babies


What looks innocent and non-living, but are actually creepy and alive?



What do you need?

An empire.


What I rule over. Jk XD



What is the best with biscuits?

The Galaxy


Where are planets? …



What are most of the people on here?


You forgot to write the next ‘answer’…


Oops. The answer is: