Backwards Questions [Game]


What comes after rain?

Bus stop.


Where am I going tomorrow morning?



What did I lose a long time ago? XD



What are you?

Your wife’s lover.


Who do you hate more than anyone else in the world? A singular green skittle on the floor


What is the only thing I can see?



What am I really picky about when buying stuff for the new school year ? :joy:

Fluffy knickers.


What is **THE Cutest Thing in the WORLD **:earth_africa::earth_americas::earth_asia:



What are creatures that live under bridges?



What is the thing that happens when your internet sucks like mine… :confused::pensive:



What did you buy yesterday?

I’m sure both things are illegal.


(I didn’t know what fluffy knickers were so I searched it up on google and it came up with underwear…:sob:)

Out of the two things you’re doing right now, which one is illegal?



What kind of people do youtubers talk about all the time? Even if they don’t exist?



What do I like to listen to?

French oral test


What test do you have?

Whipped cream.


What do you like to stuff in your face?

Num-Noms :hugs:


Can you name something random?



What is rare but beautiful?

Vomit :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


What comes out of someones mouth when they are feeling ill?

Our Parents.


By use of magic, who created us?

Tangles (in your hair) :laughing: