Bad boy or Sweetheart?

Hey everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Soooo long story short I’m making a story with a love interest


But, I haven’t decided if he should be cold/stubborn or gentle/understanding!

  • Bad Boy
  • Sweetheart

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I love gentle and understanding guys they do sweet and makes even cuter. If they are very rude and rough then mostly likely they’re a fuckboy or an ass and to me that’s unattractive.

Bad boys are usually used frequently in stories! Stick to unique :slight_smile:

Yeah, I decided to make him a sweetheart, and so far the ppl who read my story love it, and I enjoy to write in his eyes as well :heart:

Bad boys get more reads… and I like them more lol.

Good :smile:

Bad boys can be funnier, cuter and get into a lot of mishchief, I just feel that they are overly used :heart:

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Innit, but heeey I’m not complaining, more bad boys for me :tongue:

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:smile: :wink:

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