"Bad Boy" Stories Need To Be Stopped


When episode first released Juvie I felt this story was AMAZING! Beautiful story line, amazing characters and the first good advance directing. Unfortunately, people on episode tried to recreate the magic Juvie had but failed and made monsters of stories. I’ll give you examples:
The Main Character:
I cannot believe how much a character can lack a personalty or even be so naive. First off in the first couple of episodes they immediately fall for “The bad boy” even when he does nothing to the main character but throw shade at her or they don’t even have to say anything THE BAD BOY’S LOOKS are just enough which makes me believe that the main character is shallow and desperate. When the boy starts to get more involved he bullies her, plays with her emotions, and downright verbal or psychologically abuses her. The main character having no personalty or any common sense chooses to still interact with that little demon…I mean “bad boy”. As for personally, if the bad boy says jump she’ll always ask how high no matter what her beliefs are (that is a hyperbole).


My personal issue with Bad Boy stories is that most of the time, they are dangerous and toxic and yet the author will make the very abusive relationship seem completely normal. The ones written by adults marketed to pre-teens/teens feel too close to grooming for my comfort. Even if the love interest is a bad boy, the girl should be able to stand up for herself and say no when it’s necessary to. She should also be encouraged to contact authorities if his actions get out of hand.


Exactly, and for example “Chain Reaction” by Miss MJ Trey treats Callie horribly.
He says, “Get out of my face Callie” “This is your fault Callie” “You sound stupid Callie” he puts Callie down nearly every episode and every time Callie forgives him but still has the nerve to say he loves her. That is not love and the worst thing about it is that preteens read her stories religiously and says stuff like “Trey and Callie are goals” and talking about how Callie turned Trey into some sort of family man. This is one big example of those crappy bad boy stories.


I agree with everything you said. My personal problem with bad boy stories is how the whole story is one-dimensional and how stereotypical their characters are. Most shy girls aren’t shy about every part of their life and being a bad boy doesn’t make you mean and controlling it just makes you a bully.

Sadly authors see that these stories are popular and since want to become popular they just copy the exact horrible story.


I definitely agree with a lot of what people have already said on here. Bad boy stories can be extremely toxic, especially if the bad boy goes through no character development whatsoever. What set Juvie (now called something else I believe) apart is that the bad boy actually began to make positive changes in his life. A lot of the time, people write stories about boys who are just awful and girls who accept them as they are because they’re hot and they’re nice sometimes, which is insanely toxic! It promotes shallow attitudes towards dating, but that’s the least of the problem! They tend to glorify abusive, manipulative relationships and make it cool to have a boyfriend who doesn’t treat you right. Not something I think young people should be reading!


Also the bad boy isn’t the only problem the main character however is so gullible to think it’s okay for him to treat her in a very wrong way. The main character is setting a bad example, people justify that little demon’s actions because of their sad backstory, because he loves her, and/or he’s hot. It’s the same cycle over and over that Episode promotes by putting it in Episode originals or in editor’s picks.


I agree with what ur saying. A lot of the things in these stories are toxic to the minds of young readers. The most thing I find annoying is how when I wanna find a story on episode it always “the new girl moves back to town. Can she get rid of the bad boy in town before falling for him?” It likes that for ALL OF THEM. I want at least one romance that doesn’t have a bad boy in it please!!! The only thing I can’t find on episode are bad boy stories. At first I tried one called The Bad Boy’s Girl. It was fun. Kind of annoying becuz the main girl kept going to the bad boy even though he’s rude, mean, and stupid. He gets drunk and does stupid things multiple times and she still goes to him. I hated that. Luckily at the end I got to choose the good guy. Please if you know any romantic stories WITHOUT a bad boy please tell me. Thank you.


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