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Bad boys…

I’m joking! Okay, so I may be the only one who feels this way but I guess we’re about to find out. I love the idea of a “bad boy” but, y’know, I acknowledge that these characters are largely problematic (especially on Episode?) and their stories can promote abusive relationships, some very non-feminist views and an unhealthy level of hyper-masculinity.

I don’t know, I want to reform the concept of bad boys! Girls shouldn’t think they should be attracted to the “bad boy” who treats women badly, thinks he’s all that and can get away with anything because of it.

Equally… it’s okay to be attracted to guys who wear leather jackets! It’s not okay for them to emotionally/sexually/verbally abuse women… I don’t know where the idea that that is attractive came from - but it’s more than unattractive, it’s unacceptable.

Why can’t we just have bad boys who maybe… got arrested a couple times for petty crimes and maybe don’t mind using a gun but are still humane? That’s what I want anyway. That’s also the kind of bad boy I’m trying to write. If you know stories with these guys, recommend them.

Er, yeah, I guess I just wanted to open up a discussion about what you think of the different kinds of bad boy and which are acceptable (if any). Just share your opinions, no judgement… well, maybe a little feminist insight if you like abusive bad boys.

Share your thoughts!



Abusive bad boys…
No, I hate the story in which the “bad boy” abuses the MC for no reason at all… but because they enjoy it…
If I ever get encountered with such a “bad boy” then trust me I’m so gonna punch him with such force that he won’t be able to stand on his own two feet…
But a bad boy could be caring can’t they??
You can show that the “bad boy” hides his emotions because of something that happened in the past or something like this…
And that person cares but does petty crimes like- whatever but no drug dealing and whatsoever…
I am not sure if this was what you were asking but still I told you…

Sorry if it sounds rude…


I recommend reading the story ‘Santana’, which has a ‘bad boy’ but shows how that they can have a good side. I’ve read the story so many times and it’s definitely one of my favourites. I like bad boys that aren’t cliche and are actually decent people. Maybe think Jughead from Riverdale :joy: I don’t agree with any sort of abuse and I don’t understand people who find them attractive. Like, at all.


This is more a difference between toxic masculinity and masculinity itself. Being attracted to masculinity is totally fine, but toxic masculinity (aimless aggression toward people, a desire for violence, sexually aggressive, emotionally distant as traits for manhood) is problematic and should be unattractive.

Given the fact that this is – realistically speaking – how a lot of boys/men behave, it’s reasonable to have them act that way in a story, but a lot of times people add this in without consequence.

People forget promotion doesn’t require someone saying, “This is good; I enjoy this and you should too.”

Promotion can be as simple as depicting toxic situations and people without showing the consequences said relationships have on a person or depicting illogical outcomes. Realistically, and speaking from very personal experience – like everyone who has been close to men struggling with this mindset – there are extremely devastating setbacks to being involved in these relationships. You can absolutely love them, but not without a heavy cost to yourself.

I think you’re trying to convey an interest in masculinity itself, which is decent and healthy. Writing men being men isn’t bad. Giving men struggles that society has placed on them (which, in itself, is the birth of toxic masculinity and their inability to express emotion and handle emotion appropriately) is also fine if written realistically. It’s actually quite moving when done correctly.

Men (typically) do have more trouble expressing and processing emotions due to the way society handles “emotional men” and the way they are (typically) raised. I really enjoy writing about those types of men who are struggling with this image of manhood and identity while trying to conform to a societal norm that is ultimately harming them and those around them. It’s very moving to me.

As for stories on Episode, I haven’t read any that really caught my attention. Again, I have a lot of personal experience with this and high standards when it comes to the depiction of these relationships, so I haven’t found any I actually took a moment to say, “Wow, yes, this is what it feels like.” But if it’s for amusement purposes I’m sure there are at least a few.


You’re definitely not the only one. I’m over the bad boy being bitter ,insecure and abusive because they had a bad child hood or w.e.
Why is that considered attractive again?
I haven’t read a “bad boy” story since 2016 :grimacing:


Wow… well, this is what I wanted to say. I couldn’t agree more!!

And yes, feel I should emphasise the point that I don’t have a problem with masculinity… but toxic masculinity and toxic masculinity being portrayed as normal/ideal masculinity.

Again, like you said, sure these guys can be presented but not advocated!! Their actions need to be shown for that they are.

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Right?? Because you get sooo tired of seeing the same ones. But for me… I think some bad boys… oh my god :yellow_heart: I think it really depends what the author has in mind to associate with that word “bad”. It’s something you have to be very careful with.

This sounds good, I’ll check it out!! & I haven’t actually watched any of Riverdale but I know a little about the character and he seems… decent?¿

Yes this is what I was asking! I’m glad so many people feel the same way. It gets kind of disheartening to see people (especially a lot of young girls) getting swept up in this toxic bad boy being romanticised… I wish that would change.

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There is indeed a big difference between “bad boy” and “bad boy” on Episode. When a guy is simply a jerk and treats the MC like shit I will immediately quit the story, and won’t wait to find out which gang he is involved in. (I also can’t help but feel concerned that these kind of stories are trending and read by so many teenage girls.)
On the other hand I like male characters with strong personality, self-confidence, cold behavior and sassy remarks, so I have to agree with @Dogeyes, most of the masculine traits are absolutely fine and make the character realistic. I don’t even know why they are considered “bad boys”, but I guess that’s because they wear leather jacket with ripped jeans, they smoke and are often late from school :slightly_smiling_face:


Yessss it’s this that I want tbf :joy::joy: & I love those character traits too… people don’t really seem to acknowledge the difference between these two types of “bad boy”


Oh, then you got to read mine. The Ugly Truth is against this kind of abuse, so I made a totally different plot starting with the same thought as you. So far, the story has gone well… A woman can’t be a victim of emotional abuse and keep going just because the guy is ruthless or because she’s afraid or under any kind of manipulation.


I somehow didn’t see this?? Sounds good, I’ll check it out!


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