Bad Boy Story Ideas?

HELP! I need a bad boy story idea ASAP! It’s for my friend! I’ll give credit! Thanks! :v:

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What genre is their story going to be? I mean, I’m guessing romance, but I wanna be sure.


Bad boy stories aren’t all bad, but there’s a lot of them.
They’re usually quite sterotypical and cliche.

If your friend wants to write a good bad boy story, it’ll take an original idea and effort.


I agree with @avebug. Yes, the story is good, but there are plenty of them in episode and people want something fresh to begin with. So it will take plenty of creative ideas.

The common types of bad boy stories are ones that the bad boy is very attractive and every girl likes him and he is not interested in anyone, then the main character comes by but the girls are jealous of her and after plenty of difficulties they end up together.

So why not tweak the plot line a bit? Instead of the stories taking place in mafia or school, you can make it take place in a palace, let’s say. Readers won’t expect a bad boy in a palace, right? Plenty of bad boy stories have a bad boy with a difficult past, so instead of that, you could change it into a boy that is spoiled and never learns to appreciate things.

A bad boy if often portrayed as a flirtatious and rude person. Maybe you can change his personality. Instead his personality can be very polite, but he often lies (or any other personality, really).

There are also plenty of stories about that dad and mom of different families having a past together. Also one of the most often used plots. You could make a story about the main character being coming back and remembering her past life (like literally she is reincarnated) and remembering about how she seen him before.

Now those are just a few ideas, I’m not saying you should follow them, (because my advice isn’t the best but hopefully it can give you a lead)


I agree with @avebug and @EpisodeForLife93. Whilst bad boy stories can be fun and intriguing for some (I don’t personally like them), I think they’ve pretty much been done to death on Episode recently. There’s very little you can do that hasn’t been done 500 times.

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This is just a little quote that I like and find encouraging, yes everything’s already been done, but not by you…

Basically put your own personal style on your story

Maybe he has his rude moments with authorities but has a great personality overall?

Maybe the bad boy escaped from prision, an now is living as another person. Or maybe you can do the oposite, the bad girl who fals for the boy (it would be much more original). You can also write the story in the bad boy’s point of view.