Bad boys... loosing their fame?!


Have you guys noticed, bad boy stories aren’t as popular, they still are but not compared to how popular they used to be. Right now, I think that stories about bosses and mafia are stealing the bad boy’s place. What’s your opinion…?!


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I think bad boys and gangs and mafias are getting old we need something new every second


I think mafia and gangs are in the bad boy universe. So… I guess we’re just so into this universe we don’t even notice there is like 10 bad boys in a single story


I just clicked on the trending user stories, all of them were either romances with teachers (ew), billionaires and one or two about bad boy mafia members. No offence to the people who enjoy these stories, but this is why I stay away from the trending section. I do think stories about high school bad boys have declined, but you’re right they’ve just been replaced by mafia/gang stories which is even worse.


haha ikr, Episode is changing…cough cough.


But I still love it


Well, the “tending” section is actually all exaggerated, not ever really liked episode featured stories soooo, i feel like, because these stories are always shown to us, ALL THE TIME, you just get sick of it, like nothing is original anymore. Though, I don’t think bad boys will ever go…


I think rich - lovers are the hip thing right now.


I wouldn’t say bad boys are losing their fame, the trope will always be around. I just think the recent surge of fame for male love interests are men with lots of money/ceos. (But they actually all have a lot of bad boy qualities, from what I’ve seen.)


Yes, I see that tendency too. I was thinking about a plot for my story and this came up. However, this plot it’s getting way too popular and may become cliche in a near future. Not going to do it then, don’t worry.


I see what you’re thinking, but you know the mafia/gang leaders are technically bad boys. I guess most of the high school love stories got a bit boring to most people and so these ones took place :thinking:


Write your story however you want to, my darling!


Thank you, there will indeed be a wealthy man in the story, but I’m still unsure about his role in the story. I’m just afraid of being included to those “cliches everyone hates now threads”