Bad boys love good girls

Thank you so much !:heart:And this is my first story so please don’t be rude…
my first language is Arabic and my 2nd is French :heart:

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Yes I understand you. But I won’t be rude.

Uhh leave a link pls

You should start by promoting your story in the “Promote Your Story” section of the forum, be sure to present the name, author, cover, and description to your story, adding if your story has CC, LI gender choice etc can always help with getting an audience.
I speak French as well, so if you’re a little lost feel free to message me.


Merci pour les conseils :blush:

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Hello @B.y.zeineb, this is Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forum. :smiley: Moved this to Promote Your Story since you’re promoting. It would be easier to find the story on the app if you gave us a link to it! :grin:

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Thanks again❤️

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. Check it out:

For the people asking for the link to my story « bad boys love good girls ». Check it out: i hope you’ll like it❤️


Hey, i wanna do a r4r with you :slight_smile:

Here are the details of my story :slight_smile:
Title: Love The Adrenaline
Number of chapters: 18 (complete).
Genre: Love/Drama ( I know this doesn’t exist in categories but the story has both)
Author: Daniela
Style: Ink
Describtion: Nicole is a strong, independent girl and she likes the extreme, but behind these things, Nicole suffered a loss,but her life gets more interesting when Blake shows up
The Link:

Yeah why not☺️ Just so you know … my story isn’ complete yet. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Is not a problem :slight_smile: … i’ll still read it :slight_smile:

i’ll check it out! can you read mines too pls

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Yeah ofc …

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I read your first episode
Uploading: E216E2A4-A506-4593-90F5-4BC79FC8585E.png… Uploading: C3292AE0-A2BF-4D9E-89EA-F8C75C68F9AD.png…

Amazing job ! Hope you’ll find mine as cool as I find yours❤️

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Omg :sob::sob::sob::sob:… im pretty sure, your story is amazing too… thank you so much :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:… i’ll go read yours … sorry im so late.

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Haha it’s okay!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:It’s my first story so it’s a little bit of a mess but i’m Trying to improve myself​:heart:

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Hi again @B.y.zeineb :slight_smile:
Girl… i know you are a begginer but the best advice i want to give you is to keep writing and practice more with the way characters are walking and spotting, and please give a little time for the characters to have a dialogue… you make a scene after another… is go too fast.
I cant say that your story is good because like i said above the scenes are moving too fast

Here is the screenshots

Thank’s for the advices☺️

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