BAD ending (GAME)

hey lovess

*Alright, so i had a forum game idea like 3 hours ago but since I have really bad memory I forgot it. Maybe if i remember i’ll make that forum one day. So, instead I present to you… drum rolls BAD ending… THE GAME

I feel like its kind of self-explanatory, but anyways i’ll explain!

I will start with a story plot, something good juicy and then the next commenters job will be to give the plot above the worst ending they can think of, that’ll disappoint anyone who would’ve read it.

I’ll go first ofc

Your name is Lizzy, a junior in high school. You have a disability, that makes you loud and crazy making you a threat to some people. Slowly you start learning how to control your self, dealing with so many things, sometimes you get stressed. Getting help by trusted adults and medication… Will you learn to be the best as you can or will something else happen?

I know the plot and everything is like not good but sorry i’m tired



At the end she ends up loosing her voice. ;p


PA Announcement: please brace yourself for a terrible storyline

You make a deal with a fairy. She will grant you three wishes, which can be anything except more wishes. In return, you have to get her a boyfriend :joy: You find her a boyfriend, but before you make your wishes, the boyfriend goes bat-shite crazy and attacks the fairy.

In the end, the boyfriend kidnaps you for all eternity and kills the fairy in front of you

It’s the year 2947. Aliens and Humans are at war, and you’re the only one who can stop it. With everything around you crumbling, your world quite literally falling, can you save it?

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In the end, you get the solution! You’re about to save the day, but then the world falls around you and you fall into outer space, never to be seen again.

PA announcement: please brace yourself for an extremely cliched storyline

You’re nobody. You work part time in an old cafe, and the rest of your life is spent studying at school or also studying at home. But when someone videos you singing when you thought nobody was watching, you go viral. Will you be able to cope with all the attention?


in the end, everyone hates you and your not famous anymore cuz your a bad person the end

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