Bad habits thread


I made this thread, basically for everyone to just admit there bad habits. I have a few I could name.


I have a bad habit of keeping a negative outlook on life in general. Not many things can change my mood.

You guys can just list your bad habits below. :+1: :wink:




Why was I tagged? Am I important enough? Finnaly. A. Big break.


I have a bad habit of thinking of myself as not pretty or attractive.


:joy: we just talk a lot and I guess I consider you a friend so I tagged you


I have a bad habit of not trying to cuss theses little thots


Wellllll you are so stop right now or I’m telling your parents to ground you


Same @Firely_epi



Okay. So I think my bad habits are is I don’t realize my self worth and, I have no filter.


Honestly filter who?

Lol I can’t filter myself or I’ll explode


It’s annoying especially on the forums.


No filter as in I can’t shut up…


But I’m an adult so i don’t think my parents will care much and they can’t ground me… haha


I have a bad habit of thinking I’m not good enough for anything… like I hate depression and anxiety!!!


You are worth everything in the world!


I have a bad habit of telling the truth on the forums. like i swear to god I hate some girls on here. No offense


I have a bad habit of flirting :sweat_smile:


Girl I’d rather you be honest then tell lies.


Omg. I know i’m bad but hate is a strong word panda. I am truly offended.


Yeah but I don’t want to start problems or anything…
One day I’m going to list a list of fake hoes on here!!!
And don’t be suprised if it’s you…


Oh another bad habit of mine is I love being in the dark.